Who are we?


Innovative and sustainable actions against poverty.


To be an organization that contributes effectively to the emergence of a society in which the poorest rural communities sustainably improve their livelihoods and are resilient to the various environmental and societal shocks.


  Objectif 1 : Reducing the level of food insecurity in rural communities

Food insecurity is more prominent in rural communities dominated by family farms that paradoxically feed the majority of urban populations. This food insecurity is exacerbated by the vulnerability of these communities to environmental and societal shocks. In this context, it is essential to support these farms through the development of innovative and inclusive alternatives to improve the availability, accessibility, quality of food and stability of these three pillars over time.

 Objectif 2 : Preserving environment and conserving biodiversity

Five key assets are essential for the human livelihoods: human capital, physical capital, financial capital, social capital and natural capital. Improving the standard of living of the poorest in rural areas usually means improving these five capitals, but more specifically natural capital. In fact, livelihood strategies of rural communities are based essentially on the exploitation of the environment and natural resources (soils, water, forests, etc.). This polarization of natural capital in the livelihood strategies of rural communities increases their vulnerability to climate shock and leads to a sharp erosion of biodiversity. Preserving the environment will therefore involve the inclusive development of initiatives to improve the level of other livelihood assets in order to balance the strategies of rural communities against poverty.

 Objectif 3 : Dissemination of innovations for rural development

Improving productivity is essential for increasing the level of food security. Innovations have great potential for improving productivity. But most of the existing innovations are little scaled up and do not benefit the process of improving productivity. Working for the dissemination of these innovations will unlock their potential. Thus, by 2023, Act-Dev will contribute through action research and the exploitation of the potential of ICTs for the development and / or adoption of technological innovations that can sustainably improve agricultural productivity and farmers’ income.

 Objectif 4 : Improved governance of Act-Dev

To achieve the goals for rural communities, it is important for Act-Dev to improve its governance system. This improvement includes the capacity building of the members and the organization's team on topics specific to management, the fight against poverty and sustainable development. It will create a favorable structure for achieving the objectives.


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